Erectile dysfunction is the inability to form and sustain the erection during the sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is not same as the impotence. Impotence is the repeated inability to keep an erection and unable to reproduce. Erectile dysfunction is a simple problem and it’s clear that these other problems are involved. Having only brief erections is one of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Viagra is a pill which is used to cure erectile dysfunction and hypertension.

It is developed by the famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer. It is developed by many people working in the company. Its primary competitors are Cialis and Levitra. It helps in treating the high blood pressure in the artery that carries blood to the lungs. It is a standard treatment to treat erectile dysfunction. Its primary ingredient improves the sexual ability in men.

It was also proved that its primary ingredient, Sildenafil also improves the sexual functioning in women. Sildenafil is also effective in treating hyper tension. It improves the heart failure diseases. Proper distribution of the pill will relax the muscles of the lungs and penis. High-altitude pulmonary edema can also be treated using Viagra. This usually happens with mountain climbers.

It is officially considered as the treatment for this condition. These pills are blue and diamond shaped and proper dose of the pill will cure erectile dysfunction. It improves the activity and has to be taken 4 hours before the sexual intercourse. Its prime treatment is to cure erection problems. Male impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of the known problems among males due to various reasons but there was no treatment for it, until a decade back there came a magical pill in the men’s life known as Viagra. At the time, most people did know what Viagra was, how it was used and some did not know for what purpose it was used.

Viagra is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence. A man who suffers with the problem of erections or partly sustained erections for such people Viagra is the best choice and they feel it is the best compliment. This drug has been proven to work wonders in men’s life as many men who could not bear the fact or were shy to talk about it or those who were disheartened with it there came new revolution to treat their problem with the invention of Viagra. Viagra has become one of the best compliments to men in helping their sexual life come back. With the help of Viagra, many men got their love life back and many marital lives got hope in their relationship. Viagra the magical pill comes in three different strengths, 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

One can take this dosage depending on their health condition under the guidance of a medical practioner. The drug being a big compliment in men’s life is helping them solve their sexual problems of impotence. The blue pill Viagra contains Sildenafil citrate, which is the key ingredient that helps in improving blood flow to the genital organ in sustaining an erection that is needed to enjoy sexual intercourse. As the drug has its effects it has, some minor side effects, which may vanish in few hours or in a day or two. For more details just long on to a website and gather more information about the drug and its usage. Causes for impotence in young people For any men, erectile dysfunction or impotence is shocking and not only the older men, now even younger men are also suffering with it.

For most men it is a depressing and disturbing situation, as they cannot think of sexual activity due to sexual problems. There are various reasons for sexual problems in young men such as alcohol or substance abuse, anxiety, due to using different medicines and lifestyle issues etc. Sometimes sexual problem may be due to physical and psychological reasons in few young men. But it is difficult for young men if it occurs in very young age. Most men get egoistic when it comes to their manhood and find it difficult to confess about it. Some of the causes of impotence in young men are due to: 1.

Psychological issues: The psychological issues like stress and performance anxiety are the causes of ED commonly seen in young men. Many young guys are busy with their work and other activity so they hardly have time for sexual enjoyment. The other reason is performance anxiety. If a person, fails to perform in bed due to worry or other reasons it may result in failure of performance. So it is said that one should relax and not have other worries while performing sex. Therefore have sex for the first time or having with new person may result in lack of performance anxiety and may lead failure in bed.

2. Lifestyle Issues: Lifestyle factors are also the main cause for sexual function such as being overweight, drinking alcohol, excess smoking and use of recreational medicines etc. In researches, it is proved that those taking drugs like Heroin are affected with impotence and the people who are addicted to smoking may feel difficult in erection as nicotine effects the sperm, reduces the count and may lead to infertility. To overcome this problem there are drugs available in the market and doing wonders in men’s live such as Viagra. It has the capacity to treat ED and impotence and should be taken one hour before the sexual performance and gives you affect for 4 to 5 hours. There are various methods to treat ED and impotence.

If you suspect you are suffering from it immediately consult your doctor to treat you according to your health condition. Viagra and Levitra are the drugs to treat impotence. Therefore, prevention is more important than using any drug. There are various methods to prevent sexual dysfunction. Take some time to make your mind A Study say that as age increases the ability of erection decreases but not goes away. In older men, the genitals do not stimulate for longer period to get erection, therefore younger men do not face this problem as they get sexual stimulation within few seconds.

Men in age group of 30 to 40 take little longer time to get erection. Men who are of age of 60 to 70–take time of one to two days to get erection, and there is no need to worry due to their age. If taking any other drug or medicine? If taking any nitrate medicine, Viagra does not show its effect, instead leaves you in danger. So it is better to once consult your doctor before taking the drug as he may suggest you how much dosage is required according to your health. If any person suffering from any heart related problems and using nitrate, medicine should use lower dosage of Viagra with the supervision of the physician.

To prevent from ED we should not use alcohol, change the food habits, relax and exercise are the best way. Buying Viagra online is one of the best ways to order the drug, just by sitting in your room in just one click. People feel embarrassed to talk about sexual problems, especially for men to admit that they are in erectile dysfunction. Most of them are not willing to discuss their erectile dysfunction with a doctor, and their conditions are not treated. However, experts have estimated that about 30 million men in the United States are affected by erectile dysfunction. In fact, it is not rare for men to have erectile problems.

And the severity of erectile dysfunction varies among different people. Some men have an inconsistent ability to reach an erection, others can sustain only brief erections, and some have a total inability to achieve an erection. Erectile dysfunction may occur at any age, yet it is unusual among young men and it occurs much often in the elderly. By age 45, most men have experienced ED problems at least some of the times. According to one male aging study, complete impotence increases from 5% among men age 40 to 15% among men age 70 and older. The population studies conducted in the Netherlands says that some degree of erectile dysfunction occurred in 20% of men between ages 50-54, and in 50% of men between ages 70-78.

This common sexual dysfunction has its treatment. The most popular and well-known one is Viagra. It was introduced to the market by Pfizer. The chemical ingredient in Viagra is called sildenafil citrate. After taking the pill, it flows into blood and blocks an enzyme in the penis, and increases the blood flow in penis which leads to a full erection. Viagra is a drug which has safety and efficacy to enhance and produce erections in impotent men and men above 55 years of age.

When compared with other market preparations, this drug is safe to use. The actual drug that is present in this preparation is Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is composed with other excepients, binding agents and additives and punched into diamond shaped tablets. They are coated with a blue film to look attractive and mask the bitter taste of the product. There are many products that enhance erections in men in the market; but are not approved by FDA. This drug is safer to use only under medical advice.

The market available preparations of Viagra other than tablets are Viagra jellies, and Viagra Gels. These preparations can help the patients who are not able to swallow tablet. The recommended dose of the Viagra tablet and Viagra jelly is 50 mg. But extra dose or over dose should not be taken. It may lead to Priapism and gastric disturbances. Viagra will not interact with food so it can be taken with either before meals or with full fat meal.

Avoid using this drug with alcohol it may decrease the desired pharmacological activity. Pharmacological activity of the drug is it allows the flow of blood into the corpus cavernosum and enhances erection of men. Ages below 18 years should not use this drug it may effect the functioning of the testicular gland. Drug abuse should not be with this drug as it threatens the life. Viagra is a tested medication for treating erection dysfunction. It is manufactured by Pfizer.

Viagra is a guaranteed medication is qualitative and effective. The main basic component in Viagra is PDE-5 inhibitor. It helps in improving blood circulation toward penis and achieves erection. Viagra should not be taken with nitrates and nitroglycerin which may result in serious health. Viagra is a prescription medication and without indicating by doctor it should not be used. It may also result into some side effects with consuming Viagra such as flushing problem and nasal congestion, heart problem, blood related problems etc.

Generic Viagra is cheaper in price because a branded Viagra after its patent period is completed other companies are taken charge of manufacturing and it does not requires much maintenance cost, or formation cost. Thus, they are provided with less cost for medication. Before purchasing cheap Viagra from online people should be carful because fake one also may be existed in pharmacies. If you get into those companies and use those fake products it will ultimately result into serious health hazards. To get into reliable pharmacies with low price you should search the contact address if it is valid or not. Then you need to look into some reviews which will provide persons own views.

You should see the licensed authority. Before you choose to purchase Viagra get prescribed by doctor. He is the only person who can suggest you the correct dosage. Tell your doctor correct status of your health. Recently after the access of Viagra in the market, the Pfizer produced drug that has gained approval from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as an effectual medication of male erectile dysfunction, patients suffering with erectile dysfunction (ED) throughout the world gained satisfactory relief from the disorder. With Viagra effects against male impotence gaining momentum around the world the medicine has came to be recognized as the best obtainable erectile dysfunction medication.

Until recently, persons who required medical care for Erectile Dysfunction were told “It’s all in your head”. Doctors tagged these persons with a psychological illness and they were referred to psychotherapy. Nowadays, Along with Viagra, the first FDA granted oral pill to take care of male impotence and alike additional erectile dysfunction pills, a mass of further treatment procedures are obtainable in the market in order to give relief from male erectile dysfunction. Relief from the control of erectile dysfunction is not impossible if the sufferer goes straightway towards the doctor and in agreement with his directions treats his erectile dysfunction with anti impotency drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Various kinds of erectile dysfunction medications are available in the pharmaceutical market are mentioned below with a short description in pointers attached to specific medication alternatives: Oral pills like Viagra, Cialis are an effectual erectile dysfunction medication alternative Erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are used as erectile dysfunction medicine by the large amount of erectile dysfunction patients. Once Viagra is prescribed, the drug inhibits the PDE5 enzyme and speed ups the effects of nitric oxide and this particular Viagra act more speed ups blood circulation to the penis of the man undergoing from erectile dysfunction and makes him able of generating off erections required for sexual intercourse.

Take this drug with the advise of the doctor because it is a prescribed medication drug. Viagra is also known as Sildenafil. Viagra is a drug used to cure erectile dysfunction. It was a marvelous drug in the past. However, on research it was claimed that as other medications Viagra also has side effects. These days the side effects caused by Viagra are increasing day by day.

We can form a long list on the side effects caused by Viagra. The side effects include eye sight problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, etc. The study on Viagra was done by Ralph Swindle and by Drs. Peter Sun from the Eli Lilly Research Laboratory located in Indianapolis. From recent studies, experts stated that blood pressure is one of the side effects caused by using Viagra. A blood pressure of 140/80 or more than that is measured to be a high blood pressure.

Few more studies have proved the relationship between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. From the data collected on 30 millions of people, professionals found that 40 percent of them are affected with blood pressure. However, using Viagra by the patients having heart diseases can experience more problems than a normal person without any disease. Sildenafil has 2 effects on a person taking this medicine; one is that it lowers blood pressure; secondly it can interact with Nitrates. People who are taking Nitrates, should not intake the medications used for the treatment of male impotence. Others who took Sildenafil should not take Nitrates within the next 24 hours.

People who are given Nitrates by their doctors and wishing to take Sildenafil, talk to your doctors and proceed to the next step. He may suggest you alternatives to your medication if any. For few heart patients, Sildenafil may be highly dangerous. These patients need to get a health check up regularly. If any problem, they should be treated immediately. Once treated, he can do any form of exercise and he can also get habituated to Sildenafil.

Erectile dysfunction is the medical term encompassing all conditions connected with male impotence. It is defined as the man’s inability to get and keep a satisfactory erection to have penetrative sex. The erectile dysfunction can be complete or partial. Erectile dysfunction is quite common. A famous research showed than 52% of all men above the age of 40 admit to have experienced some sort of erection problem recently. When this kind of situation is repeating the man should address the problem.

He should look for help form a specialist who can help him tackle the physical condition responsible or put him in contact with another specialist to deal with the underlying psychological reason. The reasons for erectile dysfunction vary greatly. They can be connected to aging(such as narrowing of the blood vessels), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, high body mass, neurological and heart problems, emotional and psychological problems, stress, exhaustion, trauma, and many other. ED is most widespread in men above the age of 60. Nonetheless, it can happen to much younger men as well as teenagers. There, the reasons are mostly emotional or psychological.

Viagra was the first effective medication on the market to treat cases of the erectile dysfunction. It was developed, manufactured and distributed by the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Initially the active ingredient of sildenafil had been developed as treatment for high blood pressure. However, during the clinic tests it was observed that the product has very good effects of male virility. Thus, the revolutionary drug was created. Viagra was met with huge success by the general public becoming one of the best selling drugs only after a couple of years after its release.

It also became a common symbol in the general media for the whole industry. Soon many other products followed attracted by the growth and profitability of the market.